Frick, Thomas


2002-3 Charles Pick Fellow

"The Charles Pick Fellowship provided the ideal environment and total freedom for me to grapple with the language and ideas of my first novel, The Iron Boys, a magical-realist monologue, with alchemical elements, taking place during the Luddite rebellions. A section from the book appeared in Agni Online (2006) and, in Italian translation, in Buran (2007), and the novel was published in November 2011, on the 200th anniversary of the first Luddite-style attack, by Burning Books. It was selected by the Los Angeles Times as one of their Holiday Books of 2011, was reviewed in Chamber Four and, among other praise, received this comment from poet Tom Sleigh: “A real tour de force but without being too tour de forceish . . . It's a bit like Beckett in its own way, the sentences seeming to forecast something radical, but really, underneath that is a kind of 19th century belief in plot, despite all the disruptions in plot.”

A short story, My Troubadour Awakening, was published in the anthology Q + 1 from Burning Books; essays have appeared in Chicago Review, Zeszyty Literackie, and in a chapbook from Marquand Books; and I’ve participated in two residencies at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, one working with writer William Gass, another with choreographer Liz Lerman.

I’m a freelance editor and writer based in Los Angeles and am working on my next novel."