Dinh, Linh


2005-6 David T. K. Wong Fellow

Leaving Norwich in June of 2006, I thought my novel, "Love Like Hate," was more or less finished. It isn't. Returning to it after a few months, I realized it needed more work, and each revision has truly made it better. At 66,500 words, it is still a few months away, at least, from completion. To give myself a fresh perspective on it, I actually started to translate the novel into Vietnamese. "Love Like Hate" is about Vietnam, after all, and if it could convince a Vietnamese audience, so much the better. At this point, I hope to have both the English and Vietnamese versions done by the end of this year.

On a side note: I've been travelling all over the United States, California, Hawaii, New Mexico, Texas, New York and Massachusetts, to give poetry readings, including many poems written in Norwich, and published in my new book "Jam Alerts" (Chax Press 2007).

I've also been making videos of my poems and posting them on YouTube.