Awosika, Simi


Resident at UEA as the 2009 - 2010 Charles Pick Fellow

Simi Awosika practiced as a journalist in Nigeria first in the African Guardian magazine and then TheNEWS magazine where she covered many journalistic genres. The experience gave her an insight into the intricacies of Nigerian life and continues to provide themes for her stories. Until recently, Simi worked at the Greater London Authority. She has published short stories, among them ‘Firefly Ring’ in Brand (June 2008). Another short story ‘He Won't Touch Her Now’ was short-listed for the Ian St James Awards and published in The New Writer in November 1998. Simi’s first degree is in English. Before coming to the University of East Anglia, she also completed an MA in Writing: Imaginative Practice at the University of East London. Simi worked on a novel set in Nigeria during the Fellowship.