Williams, Lois


2006-7 Charles Pick Fellow

Lois Williams was raised in Britain and now lives in Pittsburgh, where she teaches poetry and nonfiction at the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She writes about landscape, family, and migration. As a Charles Pick Fellow she wrote memoir and researched stories of her extended family who settled in Lincolnshire, Norfolk, and London. From that work, her essay “The House of Provisions” was published in Granta, Issue 103, in October 2008. The essay was honoured with a Notable Essay listing in The Best American Essays, 2009. Lois is working on a book about the invention of home, and a section of this work, which reflects her life as an immigrant in the US, appeared as "The Leeway" in the July 2010 issue of The New England Review. Lois continues to publish poetry, and her chapbook collection, Night Air, is forthcoming from Seven Kitchens Press, where it won the 2012 Editor's Prize.