Sebald, W.G.

Taught at the UEA : 1970 - 2001


W.G. Sebald joined UEA in 1970 as a lecturer in German Literature and became Professor of European Literature in 1987. He was a founding Director of the British Centre for Literary Translation (BCLT) in 1989 and taught on the MA in Creative Writing from the mid-1990s until his death in a car crash in 2001, aged 57. Until he emerged as an internationally significant novelist with the publication of The Emigrants in 1996, he was known principally as a scholar of German and particularly Austrian literature. His other highly acclaimed and influential novels are Rings of Saturn (1999), Vertigo (2000) and Austerlitz (2001).


  • The Emigrants (1996)
  • Rings of Saturn (1999)
  • Vertigo (2000)
  • Austerlitz (2001)